Friday, 29 April 2011

Alas poor neglected blog

Godamn it has been too long since I posted here. Ok, lemesee what I need to catch up on. Since the last post I:

  • Now work in Stevenage, complete with a 120 mile daily commute. Lost of time for podcast listening then
  • Finally made lvl 10 with US in CoH on a smurf account – think it was a fluke though as I have been unable to replicate this on my main account
  • Got real good at making salads
  • Got pretty good at making mojitos (hey, there is always room for improvement)
  • Got to go to Moscow, Vienna and Dartmouth

Games wise, I still play as much as I ever did. Big infatuations over the last 2 years have been Oblivion, Red Dead Revolver and IL2 1946. Biggest disappointment was Fallout New Vegas. More on these later.

In the interim I was a member of the commentator staff at and produced 3 seasons of shoutcasts. If you have a strange desire to hear my voice, click here.