Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I am like the Dr Dre of blogging, one blog post a year and that's gotta hold you. But I bet Dre's blog is waaaay better than mine. Why can't I be more like KRS One? Ah well. It's been a quiet start to the year for me. I visited America 3 times in the last 6 months so I guess I should write about that at some point. CoH2 got announced, and I reckon that deserves some lines as well. In the meanwhile though, I want to talk about the ARMA II mod, DayZ.

I'll assume you know the basics of day z, it has been pretty comprehensively covered so far. Massive open map, military gear, zombies and 50 players. I heard in the beginning players were friendly, but now people tend to shoot on site. so you have to worry about the following:

  • Getting a gun. You start unarmed. You need something to defend yourself.
  • Avoiding zombies - they will eat your arse
  • Avoiding players - they will murder you and take your shit
  • Keeping hydrated, warm and fed

Playing solo is a very different experience to playing with friends. As a solo player, everything you do is high risk, and the danger in each situation is magnified. You have no one watching your back, no one to save your arse if you fuck up. Playing in a group offers safety in numbers and the benefit of fire support. I think the ideal number for a group is 2 or 3. Get more and you become a pretty serious force.

DayZ lends itself to story telling, so here goes.  I need to send a big shout to the WMD clan for entertaining my noobish antics. To date, I have been killed by other players twice, although I would say one of those times counted as suicide on my part as the result of a series of poor decisions.

I had decided to loot a military camp solo, at night. I was well equipped, with a .45 revolver,  FN FAL automatic rifle, and ample supplies. I scoped the town next to the military camp for 10 minutes, and detected no movement. The server was pretty empty, with only 5 other players in. There was a good chance I was on my own, although the area was a known bandit hotspot.

After convincing myself it was ok, I approached the tents, crawling the last 100 meters or so. I could see a zombie in one tent, and hear others close by. I wanted to keep things quiet. On the floor between two tents, I found a silenced pistol - jackpot. This would let me take out any zombies with out alerting nearby hostiles. I kept searching up the row of tents, hoping to lay my hands on a quieter main weapon - silenced assault rifle or smg would be great.

All of a sudden, a zombie came out of a tent - right on top of me. He spotted me straight away and attacked. I had discarded my revolver in favour of the silenced pistol,  but I only had 10 rounds. I pumped the shots into him at point blank, missing a few in my panic and notching a few body hits. He dropped and started crawling towards me. I backed into a tent, panicking. I had no more ammo for my silenced pistol, and no way to stop this zombie. I should have just sprinted past him. Instead, I got dumb, unslung my assault rifle and gave him the good news. A full scale Charlie foxtrot ensued. Every zombie in 500 meters heard me shoot, and converged on my position.

I waited 30 seconds (could have been 10, i was flapping by this point) and sprinted out of the tent, picking up 2 zombies on the way out. I hauled ass out of town, heading for the open fields. I figured I could get a good way away from the town, turn round and drop the 2 zombies, then regroup. All of a sudden, I hear shooting, and rounds fly past my head. A hostile in the town hard heard my shit show, and decided to investigate. I have no idea how far away he was but he clipped me and then the zombies finished me off. Lesson learned? For sure. Going noisy in a bandit hotspot was tres dumb. I could have stealthed out of there, with zombies in pursuit but without alerting the whole town to my shenanigans.

So older and smarter, I started again. Later on, I was raiding Chernogorsk with fatal saint. He went into a building by himself whilst I was clearing another apartment. He aggro'd a gang of zombies and was dead before I could get to him - I was about 30 meters away when he died. Rattled, I looted the hospital for morphine and blood, and linked up with helpinghans to raid the supermarket.

We hit a few buildings on the way, and I grabbed a m1014 shotgun in place of the AK I had. We hit the supermarket and found some tasty gear. We'd been in about 2 minutes, when has realised a zombie had entered the back of the store. I positioned myself behind the counter (with my back to the main entrance) and got ready to drop the zombie as soon as he came through the door. Meanwhile, helpinghans was (sensibly) crouched in the corner, filling his face with tinned pasta. Unbeknownst to me, a hostile walked in the front door, saw me, and lit me up like a Christmas tree. His victory was short lived though, as hans shot his arse dead.

I will share one more story of my noobishness, and then leave off. Astute dayz players may have been wondering where nubby old me had laid hands on a FN FAL in the first story I told. Well, it was from looting a crashed heli site. Finding a crashed heli is like Christmas and your birthday at once. I was rolling around with a bunch of guys from WMD, including chains, hans, general hell and a few others. I grabbed the  FN FAL (following chains advice) at the first chopper. We then headed to a second crashed chopper nearby - happy days. Whilst looting this one, we managed to aggro one of the several zombies around the chopper. next thing you know, I have a zed right on top of me, chewing my face. Of course, I panic and open fire. The FN FAL is one of the loudest guns in the game. Of course, every zombie around both choppers immediately converges on us. Lucky for me that WMD had my back and killed all the zed quick time.

Well, that's your lot for now. If the mood takes me (who can say?) I will post ore dayz stories as I continue to play. Comment If you like this shit please.

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